My Shopping List

The ultimate app to manage your shopping lists.

A simple and intuitive application but also as complete in its fuctions as you want.

As you introduce items, these will store in the data base so you can re-use them without entering all the data over and over again.

If you introduce the price of the items, this will also appear in the shopping list as well as the total price. When you buy an item, just by cliking on it, it will get marked as purchased. If you go wrong, do not worry, you will be able to restore it.

You will be able to create as many shopping lists as your like ,and rank them in the way you prefer. (In the trial version you can only create 2 list at the same time).

For each item of your shopping list, you will asked to introduce the name and the quantity at lest. Additionally, you will be able to introduce the unities in whih the item is presented, the unity price, and the category it belongs to.

In the data base the items will be distributed by categories. You will have the option to create new categories, change the category of the items, rename them and edit them.

You will be able to edit the items, create new items or delete them likewise.

Any change performed upon the items or categories will be reflected immediately in the shopping lists.

Historical monthly purchases grouped by lists.

You will be able to synchronize all your data with other devices through Dropbox.

It also includes the option to create backups.

ATTENTION: To recover the data of the free version make a backup, then uninstall it. then in the Pro version recover the data from the backup.

If yoy have any issue with the app, or any advice to improve it, please get in touch with us through the Developer e-mail. Thak you.

Get it on Google Play (Pro Version)
Get it on Google Play (Free Version)